The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Ecolomondo Secures first TPO Order

Ecolomondo Corporation, the Canadian pyrolysis operation based in Hawkesbury, has announced the first order for its tyre pyrolysis oil

Ecolomondo Announces Initial Purchase Order for TPO

An initial order of 262 barrels, valued at US$25,000, is the start of an operation that should yield around 47,000 barrels per annum and revenue of around US$4 Million.

“Customer demand for circular commodities continues to rise as we work toward bringing our Hawkesbury TDP facility to continuous production,” said Eliot Sorella, Chairman and CEO. “I believe this initial order will lead to additional orders and a long-term relationship with this client,” further stated Eliot Sorella.

The Hawkesbury TDP facility is expected to process a minimum of 14,000 tons of tyre waste per year when fully operational, producing 5,300 tons of recovered Carbon Black, 42,700 barrels of oil, 1,800 tons of steel, 1,600 tons of process gas and 850 tons of fibre when operating at full capacity.

Thermal Decomposition Process is a closed-loop, slow pyrolysis technology that operates in an oxygen-free environment using positive pressure and a batch rotary reactor. The process is essentially energy self-sufficient. Ecolomondo’s exclusive automation system allows for strict control of cycle times, processing parameters and consistent batch production, resulting in quality, commercial-grade recycled commodities and end-products.