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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Ecolomondo Hawkesbury Plant Ready to Roll

Ecolomondo’s new Hawkesbury pyrolysis plant is ready to roll

Ecolomondo’s Plant to Showcase Pyrolysis Technology

The Ecolomondo Thermal Decomposition (TDP) in Hawkesbury  is claimed to be a first when it begins operations scheduled for later this summer.

The new plant is equipped with the latest technology and will be able to completely recycle all materials from end of-life tyres. The plant will produce marketable end-products: oil, steel, fibre, recycled carbon black and syngas, and will be equipped to secondary process them to improve their quality.

“The plant is the first of its kind that will be able to not only decompose the waste, but process it as well,” said Eliot Sorella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ecolomondo Corporation

The term ‘turnkey’ comes from the fact the facility is delivered from conception to commissioning, with four departments – tyre shredding, thermal decomposition, recycled carbon black and oil refining – that process and recycle tyres down to their core raw materials. When in full operation – expected to be in late August or September – the plant will employ approximately 40 workers. All of the processes are contained within the facility, which is designed to be both green and operate in a safe environment for employees.

“We spent heavily on air filtration within the plant, safety, emissions control, noise and odour,” Sorella said proudly. “This plant is state-of-the-art in terms of employee security and environmental controls.”

The steel structure itself is 46,000 square feet with an indoor clearance of 28 feet. Behind the building are located large storage tanks for gas, oil and fractionation of the oil. The total estimated budget for the project is $37.6 million, of which $32.1 million is provided through the loan facility of Export Development Canada (EDC).

The Hawkesbury facility will have no tyre stockpiles. All of the tyres and other materials will arrive in a just-in-time fashion and be processed immediately.

“There is no area to stockpile anything outside,” Sorella explained; “As the tyres come off the truck they are processed in real time.”

“The plant will operate 24 hours per day so there is no need to store tyres inside or outside the building. We schedule delivery of tyres based on the shredding availability. Our goal is to be an ideal corporate citizen, so our site will look like any other industrial building.”

The new plant will emit only CO2 in small amounts. Ecolomondo’s chairman points out the total emissions from the plant are far less than what is normally created in the manufacturing of the type of products which will come out of the Hawkesbury facility.

“We are creating products, that if they had to be manufactured anew, would create many times the amount of emissions,” Sorella noted. “We are considered a green process because we are creating products that actually reduce (CO 2 ) emissions.”

The facility in Hawkesbury is the first of many that Ecolomondo plans to build around the world and will be used as a model to showcase the company’s TDP technology. Plans are already underway for a similar facility to be built in the United States, which will be three times the size of the one in Hawkesbury. Some of the plants will be owned by Ecolomondo and others will be built for various clients.

“What we are showing is the capability of our process, we process waste to create products to be re-used,” said Sorella. “There are other companies in the world doing something similar, but we do it in a way that is much greener, much cleaner, much safer and more efficient.”

“We’ve had a lot of interest from potential clients all over the globe, because they see the way we are doing things.”