The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Eco Green’s Extractor 63 Launched

ECO Green Equipment is continually exploring new ways to make the tyre recycling process more efficient and environmentally friendly. Their products, which range from shredders and grinders to colourisers and control panels, employ the latest technology. Eco Green Equipment introduces its latest innovation: the ECO Extractor 63.

ECO Green Equipment Debuts ECO Extractor 63 for Recycling Mining Tyres

ECO Green Equipment was founded in 2001 to develop waste tyre recycling equipment designed to maximise the amount of rubber recovered from each tyre while minimising the electricity required to do so. They pride themselves in designing machines that are not only effective but tough as well. By building high-quality machinery, maintenance costs can be reduced.

The ECO Extractor 63 was built on this model. Operated using only a single person remote control and employing an innovative reverse hook design, the Extractor can remove the steel bead in massive 63-inch mining tyres quickly and easily. Processing these tyres faster than existing methods, the Extractor increases the whole recycling line’s speed and efficiency.

“We are excited to introduce our clients to the new ECO Extractor 63,” said Brad Swenson, President of ECO Green Equipment. “We believe that the Extractor will revolutionise the way that large mining tyres are recycled, making recycling both easier and more profitable. Processing more tyres in less time translates to a win for the businesses and the environment.”

The new ECO Extractor 63 will work hand in hand with ECO Green Equipment’s recently released ECO Razor. The Razor removes high-quality steel from mining tyres before the remaining scrap rubber is sent to the shredders and grinders. Together they transform massive tyres from an environmental hazard in a landfill into rubber mulch and crumb rubber for use in other projects, including athletic surfaces, playground surfaces, tyre-derived fuel, and more.

Both the Extractor and the Razor work well together as part of an ECO Green Equipment-based recycling line. Alternatively, they can be added to the line in an existing rubber recycling plant, enabling the plant to process large tires more effectively and efficiently.