The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Discover FOR REC’s Innovative Plants for Recycling Waste Tyres

The correct disposal of used tyres is a complex issue, which requires high-performance and customised machines.

FOR REC Promoting High-Technology Plants for Waste Tyre Recycling

Since 2007, FOR REC has specialised in the research, design and construction of plants in order to transform waste into new and valuable resources.

Thanks to the expertise and the know-how gained over the years, FOR REC produces waste tyre recycling plant machinery such as tyre shredders and tyre granulators for the treatment of end-of-life-tyres.

The machineries are developed in order to obtain three different types of waste reduction:

  • Reduction in size: an excellent solution for turning waste into energy, while reducing volumes;
  • Grinding up to 20mm: plants that allow the separation of iron and textile fibres. The material generated can be used for thermal treatment or as a substrate in civil and industrial works;
  • Secondary raw materials: this material is 99% pure and it can be used for application in anti-shock flooring, compounds and mixtures for asphalt, urban furnishings, insulation and sound absorbing panels.

All these machines can be obviously customised according to the customer’s needs. Indeed, to suit the type of rubber that has to be processed and the company’s necessities, the engine, the rotor length, and the blades can be enhanced as the customer wishes.

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