The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Devulcanisation Set to Grow with Revyre

Infraco Global Limited Enters Partnership with Advanced Sustainable Polymers

InfraCo Global Limited (“InfraCo”) has established a new subsidiary, REVYRE Global Polymers Pty Ltd (“RGP”) and entered into a global agreement with Advanced Sustainable Polymers Pte Ltd of Singapore..   

Tyromer Inc is a technology spin-off from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada dedicated to solving the global problem of scrap tyres. Tyromer has developed a patented technology that converts scrap tyres into a devulcanised rubber compound that can be used in the manufacture of new tyres and other rubber products (TDP) and is now scaling up globally through a technology-licensing strategy. Presently, there are Tyromer TDP facilities in Canada and Europe.

InfraCo is in the process of concluding the exclusive licenses to establish end-of-life tyre processing plants using the Tyromer process in agreed territories.  

Advanced Sustainable Polymers Pte Ltd (ASP) is a platform company focused on commercialising technologies that have the potential to reduce carbon emissions and price volatility in the global rubber markets.   

RGP and ASP have jointly obtained certain global merchandising rights for TDP produced in the existing facilities, and RGP has further appointed ASP as the exclusive distributor for its Upcoming Facilities. 

Shaun Zukor, CEO of InfraCo and REVYRE commented; “This brings us another step closer in realising our global roll-out objectives by partnering with polymer industry experts who have many years in the rubber industry and who share the vision and value of introducing alternatively sourced and environmentally sustainable raw materials.” 

Robert Meyer, CEO of ASP added; “The partnership with InfraCo opens exciting possibilities for our clients to enter the circular economy with immediate and sustained carbon emission reduction benefits. Rather than being burned or simply discarded, end-of-life tires can now be processed to TDP. We have tested TDP extensively and are impressed by the laboratory results. The added benefit of being in-country allows us to sidestep the global freight market issues and shorten the supply chain of first-rate rubber-compound tremendously.”