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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Connecticut State Reps Call for Artificial Turf Ban

Two Democrat State Representatives promote a bill for an artificial turf ban in Connecticut

Democratic representatives David Michel and Patricia Dillon have tabled House Bill 5070, calling for an artificial turf ban on sports fields in Connecticut.

The “Act Prohibiting State And Municipal Contracts For The Purchase And Installation Of Artificial Turf Fields” asks that the general statutes be amended to provide that on and after October 1, 2023, no municipality, including, but not limited to, any school district, and no private entity, department or agency of the state shall enter a contract for the purchase, use or installation of artificial turf for a new or existing field.

It also would provide that “such turf fields be grandfathered to allow for their useful life but prohibit their replacement after such time.”

The proposal does not define the type of field that is to be prohibited, nor did it identify specific health and environmental concerns, although the Statement of Purpose reads: To prohibit municipal and state contracts for the purchase and installation of artificial turf fields that pose health and environmental concerns.

The bill will now go to the Joint Environment Committee.