The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Chile: First Approved Individual Management Plan for Category A Tires

Epiroc Chile was launched in the national market in December 2017 , with which the Epiroc Group company seeks to provide equipment and services for the Chilean mining and infrastructure industries.

Given their understanding of the reality of the business and foreseeing the changes that were coming with the implementation of the EPR Law, they decided to act.

Briefly speaking, the Chilean Extended Producer Responsibility Law applies to all companies that introduce tyres in the domestic market. In more detail, the Supreme Decree N°8 establishes the obligation for these companies, through the creation of an individual or collective management system, to organise and finance the collection of end-of-life tyres throughout the national territory, as well as their storage, transport, and valorisation treatment (recovery) in accordance with the regulations in force.

On January 13, a few days before the start of the EPR Law that begun on January 20, and through the services provided by the Chilean consulting firm Sustrend, the experts that guided Arnec through the Clean Production Agreement for the Tyre Retreading and Renovation industry, the Epiroc Chile S.A.C. received the approval of its Individual Management Plan by the Ministry of Environment, thus becoming the first company for Category A (tyres with a rim smaller than 57 inches, with the exception of those with a rim equal to 45 inches, 49 inches and 51 inches) to be authorized by the Ministry of the Environment. The exceptions are with regard to tyres used in mining operations.

The company’s commitment is to collect 58 tons of tires and to valorise 29 tons of tyres this year.  The expectation, in law, is that the recovery rates will rise to 90 per cent by 2030

The EPR law is already beginning to move in the Chilean tire industry…