The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

CEYES Lands in Latin America

CEYES is a closed-loop concept and offers the ultimate solution for End of Life Tires (incl. Mining tyres).

CEYES Starts Up in Latin America

The CEYES concept is based on small-scale recycling and production boxes. These boxes are semi-mobile and also include MTB’s GATORTIRE – IRON box systems.

These boxes are circular, compact, mobile, efficient, economical, 100 per cent recyclable and create less CO2 emissions compared to a factory building. They are ideal in megacities and especially attractive in a radius of 200 km from the city. It is no longer justifiable to cover large distances with waste, together with its high CO2 emissions.

The modular box systems have recently been extended with a semi-mobile OTR and mining tyre downsizing system of another European leading manufacturer. The modular system has been developed to reduce the largest mining tyres (63 inches).

This is a completely new approach in Latin America, small-scale recycling that keeps waste products local to help shape the circular economy.

The mission of CEYES is to revolutionise the recycling of tyres in the circular economy, handling waste material locally, through innovative solutions. One of these solutions is the CEYES box. The CEYES box will be used for molding rubber granules to storm water retention panels with very low CO2 footprint and 100 per cent circularly. These water retention panels are specially developed for Green Roofs and Green Infra. The environmental requirements in combination with an increasing problem with drainage and urban city heat drive the demand for effective sustainable solutions.

CEYES has also announced that Sergio Gonzalez de la Fuente has joined the firm as general manager. CEYES are based in Santiago Chile, to serve the Latin American market.