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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Carlton Forest Group Proves Pyrolysis Project Works

Carlton Forest presents its pyrolysis plant at Worksop, UK. Carlton Forest-owned IRR in South Africa manufactures the plant to European requirements.

Carlton Forest Group Betting on Pyrolysis

Worksop, Nottingham based Carlton Forest Group spent ten years investigating pyrolysis. The outcome was that the Group bought IRR, a South African producer of pyrolysis plants.

The first UK plant was installed at the Worksop depot, where it is projected to make the logistics site energy neutral. Currently, the plant is producing oil, which after having sulphur removed, will be capable of running diesel generators to create power for the site. The rCB produced is still considered a char, but Carlton Forest’s Managing Director Gary Edwards says that the company is investigating the best options to commercialise the char.

There has already been interest from other UK businesses, some well-known high street brands, as well as industrial operations, with high levels of waste that could be pyrolysed and converted into energy and cost savings.

Carlton Forest sees cost and energy savings for companies that buy into the pyrolysis operation. It is an ideal solution for larger enterprises that handle higher levels of polymer wastes.