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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Carlisle Pyrolysis Project Plans Under Fire

Carlisle residents are objecting to pyrolysis proposals for Rockliffe parish put forward by the Canigou Group

In August 2022 Tyre and Rubber Recycling reported on objections to a proposed tyre pyrolysis plant in Carlisle.

Now, as the pre-planning consultation outcomes from Canigou Group at the Hearthlands Estate, Kingsmoor Park, Carlisle are reaching their final stage, local residents are continuing their campaign to stop the development.

Sally Tears, Rockcliffe and District Action Group said; “What I would say to people is it’s not just our back yard or there back yard it’s all our back yards, it’s the whole of Cumbria’s problem, so I’m looking after all of our back yards, not just mine.

Carlisle Lib Dem Councillor Tim Pickstone, who represents the area, commented that residents were understandably concerned about yet another waste processing facility.

Canigou, a Hong Kong-based group, says that the proposal would create around 10 jobs and process 15,000tpa of tyres.

Comments on the new article in the News and Star are largely supportive of the project, accepting that tyres need to be recycled. One poster even hit the nail on the head, “Tyres need to get recycled, and this makes more sense than shipping them out of the country.” Another asks the question about the pollution levels from the process. “Will there be any pollution issues associated with the tyre processing?”

There is a real need for the pyrolysis developers to be as transparent as possible about their proposed operations. No modern tyre or plastics pyrolysis plant operating to UK or European standards will emit anything more than the maximum allowed exhausts. In fact, the most efficient plants will want to maximise their efficiency and recover the maximum value from the materials being processed, allowing material that can be recovered to be passed into the environment runs counter to the ideal of a modern pyrolysis plant.

Canigou’s project manager Lawrence Santangeli has been asked for comment, and we will develop this story when we have his response.