The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance Grows

Siemens joins the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance as a technology partner

Along the value and process chain in tyre production, each partner of the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance contributes their individual, innovative, technical and technological know-how. As an integrated solution provider for the tire industry, Zeppelin Systems combines these technological, technical and innovative competencies with high-quality and proven plant engineering solutions. The aim of the project is to bring together the best of recycling technologies in a manner that creates possibilities for the tyre industry to utilise recycled tyre materials in new tyres

Partners in the project include Regom (France), RubberJet and Vertech (Italy), Recykl (Poland), Entex (Germany) ReOil (Poland) RCB Nano Technologies. (Germany), and Evonik (Germany).

The latest partner in the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance is Siemens AG, experts in technology controls. The need to cooperate and develop technology to meet future tyre industry demands requires the best in the field.

“This requires a partnership between different companies in order to holistically consider all aspects of a typical tyre manufacturing process, including the entire supply chain,” says Peter Haan, Head of Vertical Management Tire at Siemens AG. Zeppelin Systems is also a strong and experienced partner who cares deeply about sustainability and the circular economy in the tyre industry. “That’s why Siemens decided to join the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance,” adds Peter Haan.

Specifically, Siemens is providing the use of digital twins to develop and improve sustainable tire production as part of the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance. For example, seamless information flows between the real and digital world, holistic sustainability impacts along the value chain, or the optimisation of process cycles can be simulated.

Advancing decarbonisation through transparent and manageable product CO2 footprints (PCF) with SiGreen, a SaaS application for exchanging dynamic PCF along the Siemens value chain, is also part of the collaborative partnership within the alliance.

Zeppelin Systems and Siemens have previously worked closely together in the past: The Zeppelin Systems subsidiary in India is a fulfilment partner of Siemens, and the tyre systems built there contain hardware from Siemens. Further fulfilment partnerships are conceivable in the future.

“We are pleased about Siemens joining the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliancev and the associated even closer collaboration with Siemens in the tyre sector. This is the next logical step for us to make tyre production and tyre recycling holistic and technologically innovative,” says Guido Veit, Vice President Sales for Polyolefins, Rubber and Silos at Zeppelin Systems GmbH.

Dr. Markus Vöge, CEO of Zeppelin Systems GmbH, adds; “With Siemens joining the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance, a large technology company is now working alongside Zeppelin Systems to establish future-oriented processes and solutions for the production and recycling of tyres . This makes us proud and confident that we are on the right path with the Alliance and our vision.”