The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Bolder and Tauber Oil Sign Distribution Deal

Bolder Industries, Inc., has announced a landmark 20-year strategic marketing agreement with Tauber Oil Company, an independent wholesale marketer of petroleum and petrochemical products, for exclusive offtake of BolderOilTM, its sustainably derived petrochemical product. This partnership provides Tauber Oil with the largest allocation and supply of tyre-derivedsustainable oil known in the industry.

Bolder Signs 20-Year Deal with Tauber Oil

Tauber Oil will be the exclusive purchaser of BolderOil for 20 years, acquiring approximately 2 million barrels per annum as supply becomes available from Bolder’s aggressive capacity build-out plans. Tauber will also manage all administrative and sales services including logistics, consulting, billing, and fulfillment between Bolder Industries and their global customers. In turn, Tauber will consult with Bolder on the design and engineering of any storage offtake and infrastructure at their current facility and future planned facilities.

Bolder Industries has a longstanding history of success and market acceptance with BolderOil and currently produces three grades: BolderOil Heavy, BolderOil Light, and BolderOil Base. BolderOil has applications in renewable fuels, as a replacement oil in ASTM grade Carbon Blacks, oil and gas well clean-up, and chemical solvents. As a sustainably derived product, BolderOil increases environmental savings for end customers and because it is decoupled from oil indices, can also improve pricing stability.

This partnership allows Tauber Oil to better serve its largest global customers by ensuring its ability to meet all regulatory guidelines while providing access to renewable petrochemicals on a consistent basis. Both parties recognise this is an ideal time to solidify a long-term partnership driven by heightened demand for renewable and sustainable petrochemicals and considering that Bolder Industries has existing contracts for nearly half of its estimated BolderOil production through 2027.

Jonathan Tauber, President of Tauber Oil commented; “For years, we have closely monitored the race to turn tyres to high-quality petrochemicals but until we met the Bolder Industries team, we had yet to see it accomplished successfully at a commercial scale.

“After visiting their facility, it was immediately apparent they were doing something special. Now, through arduous due diligence, we are confident and eager to provide sustainably derived petrochemicals at the level of quality, consistency, and specifications our customers demand. We expect this partnership will give way to expansion and deliver meaningful environmental impact that our customers and the world needs.”

“Strategic investments and alliances such as this signal the next phase for our hyper-growth company,” says CEO of Bolder Industries, Tony Wibbeler. “This relationship enables us to grow our petrochemical business exponentially with a well-known and highly-respected partner that we are very pleased to be working with day-to-day.”

Tauber was part of 2021 $80 million investment in Bolder Industries, which assisted in the expansion of their current facility in Maryville, Missouri, and the acquisition of a Terre Haute, Indiana facility and newly announced European expansion in the Port of Antwerp. Additional facilities, both domestically and overseas, are planned in 2023 and beyond to meet rising demand from automotive, plastics, rubber, and sustainable petrochemical manufacturers looking to meet their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals. In

“To be able to take something as notoriously synonymous with pollution as an old tire and repurpose it into literally hundreds of different useful products is an incredible achievement by Bolder Industries,” said David Tauber, Sr., Chairman of Tauber Oil. “We at Tauber Oil are delighted to have a hand in bringing to market products from our industry that not only reduce production emissions and natural resource use but keep millions of tyres out of landfills every year.”