The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Black Pillow Wins 1st Openwaste Hackathon

Openwaste Hackathon is a competition in France that aims to fid better ways of recycling.

During the three-day event at Leroy Merlin Techshop in Paris-Ivry designers, engineers and innovators came together with the aim of finding innovative solutions for ways of recycling. Among the projects presented by the seven teams, it is Black Pillow who was designated winner of the contest.

The Black Pillow solution uses recycled tyres to protect urban equipment and reinforce safety … Indeed, the Black Pillow, a kind of cushion for street furniture, protects this equipment and enhances the safety of motorists, cyclists, bikers … all those who might be in violent contact with these poles, furniture and guardrails. A prototype at scale 1 was presented to the jury who judged this project the most mature and most likely of a rapid industrial development.

“The project team used vulcanised tyre granulate without the addition of adhesive in order to be the least impactful in terms of the environment,” explains Aliapur, which will validate both the technical feasibility and the material choices as well as the potential markets for this product.