The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

AZuR Colloquium 2023 Success

The AZuR Colloquium offered a scientific exchange on new processes and possibilities of used tyre recycling in Gummersbach

At the second AZuR colloquium on the Gummersbach campus of the TH Cologne, 18 scientists exchanged ideas about new, future-oriented processes and possibilities for recycling ELT. The range of topics ranged from microwave-assisted devulcanisation of rubbers to ecosystem development for a circular tyre replacement business.

The number of participants almost doubled compared to the previous year. Researchers from the AZuR university partners TH Köln, Biochemical Institute for Environmental Carcinogens and HS Osnabrück took part, as did representatives from the University of Applied Sciences Windesheim, the Fraunhofer Institutes LBF, IMWS and UMSICHT, the FH Aachen and the University of Paderborn

AZuR network coordinator Christina Guth was pleased, saying; “two of the new university participants spontaneously decided to become partners, which further strengthens the scientific foundation of our joint commitment.”

 Plastics Technology (KTP) at the University of Paderborn has declared its membership in the AZuR, as has the Institute for Applied Polymer Chemistry (IAP) at the FH Aachen.