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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Heavy Fine on Stawell Owner for Stawell Tyre Dump

After what seems like years of ducking and diving to evade penalties, Australia’s EPA has finally managed to drag the former owner of the infamous Stawell tyre dump into the courts.

EPA Preparing to Fine Stawell Owner

After amassing a stock of over one million tyres the Stawell dump was abandoned by its owner creating a potentially huge risk to the local community and environment should there have been a fire.

Court action starting on 28th August is expected to see the ex-owner, Dr. Matthew Starr, hit with up to one million Australian dollars in fines. However, the EPA is pursuing further charges that could amount to as much as six million Australian dollars to cover the cost of the clean-up operation.

It took 380 truckloads to move 9500 tonnes of tyres over two months after the toxic stockpile had been the subject of a CFA fire prevention notice and three EPA notices.