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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Atlantis Carbon Black Brings Out New Website

Atlantis Carbon Black is the latest move for Chris Twigg, with the new operation will bring a professional process to the South African market.

Atlantis Carbon Black Launches with a Website Outlining its Aims

Atlantis Carbon Black (ACB) is a new company established to exploit the recovered Carbon Black market in South Africa. The country has a surfeit of waste tyres and a shortage of processing capacity, so while there is no domestic tyre manufacturing, there is the raw material, and successful pyrolysis plants could tap into a global market from a low-cost source.

The leading lights in this new operation are Managing Director Justin Damster and Director Chris Twigg. Twigg retains a role at Black Bear Carbon in the Netherlands while establishing ACB in South Africa.

ACB aims to be producing 100,000 tonnes of rCB sustainably and cost-effectively by 2030. To do this, ACB is seeking suppliers of pyrolysis char for reprocessing and refining to create a high-quality rCB.

The website can be found at