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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Artificial Turf Fire in Essex

As if crumb rubber infill didn’t have enough problems – now fire is an issue

Fire at Artificial Turf Installation

As the UK basked in one of its intermittent heat waves, firefighters were called to tackle a blaze at near Southend United’s football stadium, where a “large quantity” of artificial turf was alight.

Essex Fire and Rescue Service sent four crews attending. It said the fire was “creating a significant amount of smoke” and that crews were working to prevent its spread.

They advised those living nearby to keep windows and doors closed.

The fire was not affecting the stadium itself, but it was expected to be a “protracted incident“, the service said.

So, we can expect fire hazards to be added to the list of complaints lodged against artificial turf using crumb rubber infill.