The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Architectural Webinar Organised by Ecopneus

Sustainable and versatile, recycled rubber is ideal for customising urban environments and will be the focus of a free seminar on 18 May, organized by Ecopneus and in collaboration with the Foundation of the Order of Architects of Milan.

Planning Seminar for Rubber Use

Participation is free upon registration on the website of the Foundation of the Order of Architects of Milan

Sustainable, innovative and design solutions for the restyling of our cities, are the key themes of the free seminar to be held online on 18 May, from 16.00 to 18.00.

The meeting is an opportunity to learn about the potential of recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tires in urban areas; a circular and innovative material that, thanks to its versatility in colours, shapes and in the many possibilities of customisation and use, can be inserted in urban space redevelopment projects to give cities a new face, make them more sustainable, without sacrificing design and aesthetics.

Our cities need planning and a modern design in line with international trends, restoring meeting places to the community.

In this quest for “beauty that will save the world”, recycled rubber is a multifaceted material, suitable for use in public spaces, to create new meeting places, pedestrian areas, play areas and spaces for events.

In the context of tactical urbanism, aimed at redeveloping urban areas with the involvement of citizens, it therefore becomes a powerful ally.

“Rethinking common spaces from a sustainable perspective, combining aesthetics and functionality, is essential to give a new face to cities”, comments Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus’ General Manager. “At Ecopneus, we believe that recycled rubber can be a valid tool to achieve this goal, by virtue of its nature as a circular material, its properties and infinite possibilities for customization.

“This webinar is a piece of a larger puzzle, made up of a continuous training and information activity that we have carried out over the years to raise awareness of the many advantages of recycled rubber in everyday life.

“In fact, there are many fields of application for recycled rubber, such as tyrefield sports surfaces, acoustic and anti-vibration insulators for buildings, safer, more durable and quieter “modified” asphalts, Tyreplast thermoplastic compounds. Lots of eco-friendly products, capable of combining excellent performance and sustainability, can be consulted in the catalog of recycled rubber products created by Ecopneus and MATREC.

The seminar will present some successful case studies of the use of recycled rubber, in Italy and abroad, illustrated by the architect Marco Capellini, CEO of MATREC – consulting and research company, partner of Ecopneus, specialising

in sustainability and circularity of materials. It will also deepen the technical characteristics of the product and the technologies used for its processing, thanks to the technical contribution of the Waterproofing and Casei Eco-System companies, so as to provide participants with the useful ideas to correctly use this material in architectural projects.

Finally, sector experts will be available to answer questions from the participants.

Participation in the webinar entitles you to 1 professional training credit for architects enrolled in the Order of Milan, who self-certify their attendance, and for architects from all over Italy, at the discretion of their own association. To participate, viewers need to register. For more information you can send an email to