The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Aliapur Call For Tender

Aliapur looks for contractors for the nest term of its EPR scheme, handling 400,000tonnes of tyres per annum

Aliapur Calls for Tenders

Aliapur is launching its call for tender for the transportation of tyres to transformation platforms and recycling sites. This market for 300 regular routes covers a volume of 400,000 tonnes of tyres per year over two years.

In addition to the call for tender for the renewal of the 4-year contracts for service providers in the end-of-life tyre collection and transformation markets, on 19 October 2020, Aliapur will launch another call for tender for the tyre road transport service. The service covers bulk transport of all the flows transported, first to transformation sites (for shredding or preparation), and then to recycling plants.

The service covers a period of 2 years, starting on 01 January 2021, and includes:

  • Managing loading and delivery schedules
  • Positioning transport vehicles
  • Supervising loading, safety and weighing
  • Bulk transport of whole or shredded end-of-life tyres
  • Operational follow-up, deliveries and unloading Monitoring the ups and downs of providing the service
  • Administrative management and reporting.

In 2020, almost 400,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres will have been delivered by 31 transporters under contract, responsible for 300 regular routes. Aliapur is counting on an essentially identical annual volume of tyres in 2021. Similarly, the number of regular routes to be covered will remain stable. To this will be added around a hundred optional routes, for unforeseen situations that need to be managed and the occasional need to reroute certain flows. Each route has been optimised to limit emissions of CO2 while guaranteeing the operators in the sector fluid deliveries and the volumes expected.

Aliapur will be selecting the best offer (the best balance between the technical aspects and cost) for its choice of service providers, always with the focus on the quality of service. This call for tender is open to all transporters with the human, material and technical means appropriate for the service in question.