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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

4th Year of Ecopneus and Festival of Sport

Ecopneus continues to support the Festival of Sport as it reinforces its belief in recycled rubber sports surfaces

Ecopneus Partners with Italian Festival of Sport

Ecopneus for the fourth consecutive year is Sustainability Partner of the Italian Festival of Sport. The presence of Ecopneus, the main operator in the management of End-of-Life Tyres in Italy, and its contribution to the diffusion and affirmation of recycled rubber sports surfaces is strengthened.

This year, thanks to the partnership with Mapei, 4 playgrounds were installed for an increasingly sustainable Sports Festival.

Basketball, in its “street” version of 3 against 3, tennis, and the new padel court will be the disciplines at the centre of the activities in the square of the Festival of Sport, which will be staged from 7 to 10 October in Trento.

The secret ingredient of the four playing fields is the recycled rubber of End-of-Life Tyres, a precious and eco-friendly material, with which, sports surfaces are obtained which are appreciated even at the highest levels, thanks to the many advantages they allow: optimal performance and playability, anti-trauma protection for athletes, resistance to all weather conditions. In order to show the public and the many athletes and professionals involved in the sector the advantages and characteristics of sports surfaces made with recycled rubber, Ecopneus is the Sustainability Partner of the Festival of Sport for the fourth consecutive year.

Ecopneus is the main non-profit company operator in the management of End-of-Life Tyres in Italy, coordinating the collection and recycling of an average of over 200,000 tons each year.

The surfaces will be created thanks to the partnership with Mapei, a leading company in chemical products for construction and specialising in cutting-edge solutions for the creation of acrylic resin sports floors for all types of sports. Thanks to this collaboration, a padel field will also be installed in Trento, a growing discipline recently officially to be included in the European Olympic Games in June 2023.

“The Sport Festival is a tremendous opportunity for us to make more and more people aware of the characteristics and advantages that recycled rubber allows for sports surfaces” declared Federico Dossena, Ecopneus General Manager. “The sports sector is the sector that currently absorbs the largest amount of recycled rubber produced by the Ecopneus supply chain. A constant trend but still with margins for growth, which is why our commitment to research and development and high-profile collaborations such as that with Mapei for the development of solutions in step with the evolution of sports practice and habits are never ending.

“In sports surfaces, recycled rubber is used as an elastic mat placed on the foundations, on which fillers and acrylic resins are then applied to form the outer surface layer, characterised by adequate adherence to the intended sporting discipline. The versatility of this solution allows us to create surfaces with specific characteristics depending on the particular discipline and intended use, whether for professional athletes, for leisure, for amateur or school sports.