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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

2018 Best Year for Eldan Recycling

Danish manufacturer of recycling equipment ELDAN Recycling A/S achieved the highest turnover of its 62-year history in 2018.

Eldan Recycling has the Best Ever Year in its History

Danish manufacturer of recycling equipment ELDAN Recycling A/S achieved the highest turnover of its 62-year history in 2018. A result enabled by global regulatory changes in waste management and well as the development of the ELDAN recycling equipment assortment. The small and medium-capacity cable recycling systems have been further developed according to customer requests and new pre-choppers for cable and tyre recycling have been launched.

Dr Toni Reftman, CEO of ELDAN Recycling comments “2018 was an amazing year for ELDAN! We saw a 50 per cent increase in orders of cable recycling lines and a 20 per cent increase in orders of tyre recycling lines. We expected an increase in demand this year, but the expectations were met many times around. 2018 was the year of recycling! “

Several new machines and recycling solutions were launched in 2018. Recent advances in the market of electrical components have made it possible to develop a frequency drive ELDAN Super Chopper with significantly lower power consumption and a remarkably lower price than earlier models. ELDAN also launched a new Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Shredder for the production of clean-cut tyre chips from car or truck tyres. The machine enables up to 50% power savings. Furthermore, the most popular low-capacity cable recycling system REDOMA Thunderhawk has been redesigned to make it ideal for processing harness wire. A stronger ACSR shear (M16-4) has been developed together with a customer and is about to be launched.

ELDAN has many interesting internal and external projects in the pipeline for 2019. “We predict that 2019 will be a very good year for ELDAN and the recycling industry in general. The interest in tyre and cable recycling equipment will continue to increase. In addition to 2018, we also see a large increase in the demand for WEEE/e-waste recycling equipment. We are currently developing small capacity WEEE recycling lines to meet regional requests.” comments Dr. Reftman. “At the moment, the production team in Denmark is working full speed to deliver orders for customers. To meet the heavy increase in order, we are planning to expand the production facility there.”