The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

ECO Green Equipment – New ECO Krumbuster® Rubber Powder System

ECO Green Equipment have announced the recent completion and shipment of a new integrated ECO Krumbuster® rubber powder system for a customer in Croatia. The system will produce rubber powder from 4mm infeed material to be used for secondary rubber products. The fine grinding equipment will process up to 600 kilograms per hour of minus 30 mesh for the customer.

“We are extremely excited about this new rubber powder system,” said Mr. Brad Swenson, President of ECO Green Equipment. “This system is perfect for recyclers who want to increase profits by integrating rubber powder production into their process.”

ECO Green’s customer was drawn to the New ECO Krumbuster’s® ability to commercially outperform traditional cracker mills with technology that surpasses historic cast-iron mill production by up to 50 per cent. New design features, such as patented hydraulic-powered grinding, increase torque, and friction ratios to process the most demanding loads were also considered by the customer. Unique roll corrugations, adjustable feed, input controls, roll distance settings, and lower grease costs provide the customer with the precision to produce the exact desired output and size while saving operating expense.

According to ECO Green, each ECO Krumbuster® has the capacity to process up to 2 tons of rubber into fine 60-120 mesh rubber powder output. Adjustable mill speed and friction ratios provide the operator production versatility and exact production output. With proven ability to increase volume production of crumb rubber plus a high proportion of fine 60-120 mesh rubber powder, the ECO Krumbuster® is claimed to be the perfect solution for rubber recyclers who require a high-performance cracker mill for commercial rubber processing. The new mill also consumes less energy, uses advanced hydraulic power, and takes up less space than traditional cracker mills. Fully adjustable computerized controls allow the user to adjust and modify production tasks and final output specifications. Each unit is designed with full safety protective guarding to ensure safe operation.

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