The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Gravita India Expands African Rubber Recycling

Jaipur headquartered recycling company Gravita India Limited’s subsidiary in the West African country of Ghana, Recyclers Ghana Limited, commenced commercial production and recycling of waste rubber in May 2022 with an annual capacity of around 6,000 MTPA

According to a stock filing in May, 2022, Gravita India has invested INR 38 million into setting-up the facility, which has been funded through internal accruals.

The recycling plant helps Recycler Ghana Limited to reduce its cost of production coupled with reduction in carbon footprints as pyrolysis oil generated during the rubber recycling process is used in-house as an alternative source of energy for recycling of lead and aluminium scrap. Additionally, the scrap steel derived from the process is utilised as a consumable in the lead recycling process.

“This strategic move is geared towards enhancing cost-efficiency in production while concurrently mitigating carbon footprints, aligning with Gravita’s commitment to sustainable practices,” informed Navin Sharma, Executive Director of Gravita India Limited

The move reinforcing its dedication to environmental responsibility and business diversification in line with Gravita group’s vision will also open new business opportunity in the field of waste rubber recycling.

Ghanian plant chosen as the first site for a rubber recycling operation

Ghana was selected as the first site for a rubber recycling due to its superior capacity to use materials compared to other plants in Africa. The outputs of rubber recycling, including oil, gas, iron wire, and carbon briquettes, are utilised for internal recycling operations.

The primary raw material utilised in the recycling process is sourced from waste tyres, predominantly procured from Ghana and neighbouring countries.

“This not only diminishes our dependence on external resources but also boosts operational efficiency, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility and diversification of recycling initiatives. This underscores our dedication to sustainable practices and reinforces our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship.”

The Ghana plant serves as a catalyst for local economic growth by generating employment opportunities within the Ghanaian communities, contributing positively to the economy of Ghana.

Recycling machinery shipped from India

Gravita not only engages in recycling but also provides comprehensive turnkey solutions for recycling processes. Through its research and technology division, the company offers innovative recycling machinery and complete turnkey plants, providing clients with expert knowledge. With over 31 years of experience in recycling, Gravita has solidified its position as technical experts in recycling solutions.

“The rubber recycling equipment was designed and established by its in-house team. The machinery underwent development at fabrication plant located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Jaipur (Rajasthan), before being shipped to Ghana. This approach ensures a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and demonstrates Gravita’s commitment to delivering high-quality, self-designed equipment for rubber recycling,” stated Navin Sharma.

Plans for further expansion at Ghanian site

The operation of any recycling plant is contingent upon the availability of scrap material. “Nevertheless, the waste rubber recycling plant in Ghana is currently operating at its optimal capacity. Looking ahead, Gravita has strategic plans to further enhance its capacity in the near future, a testament to the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and expansion.”

The Gravita plant in Ghana is actively engaged in the production and recycling of lead, aluminium, plastic, and rubber. While the plant sources domestic scrap for its production processes, it goes beyond serving solely the Ghanaian market. Instead, accesses markets across North America, Europe, and Asia. This strategic approach not only broadens the plant’s reach but also positions Gravita in diverse locations.

Opened pyrolysis unit in Tanzanian subsidiary in mid-2023

Going forward, Gravita envisions replicating Ghanian success by establishing similar rubber recycling facilities at its other manufacturing locations also. Exactly after a year of starting rubber recycling operation in Ghana, Gravitas India started a similar pyrolysis unit in a subsidiary in the East African country of Tanzania in May 2023.

According to stock filing in the middle of 2023, Gravita Tanzania Limited started commercial production and recycling of waste rubber with an annual capacity of around 3,000 MTPA in Phase-1, with plans to double the capacity to 6,000 MTPA. The company has invested INR 3.86 Cr for setting up of the facility in Phase-1, funded through internal accruals. The Tanzanian operation produces pyrolysis oil generated during the rubber recycling process, used for in-house consumption as an alternative source of energy for recycling of battery and aluminium scrap.