The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Classic Rubber Flooring Expands

Ahmedabad-headquartered Classic Rubber Flooring continues expanding its recycling capacity at its Mehsana-based facility in Gujarat

The company requires granules generated from waste tyres, which are used as raw material to manufacture flooring for applications in gyms, children play areas, swimming pools, and flooring for athletes in stadiums or recreational parks all over the country.

“Previously, we used to source granules and shreds from outside or import from the UK, Europe, Middle East etc. But in 2018, we decided to produce granules for our own consumption and installed a 1.5 ton-per-hour capacity granulator TR 1400 from Fornnax, which is fed with 20 mm rubber chips as input and gives an output of 0.8 to 4 mm granules. This is how our relationship with Fornnax Technology started in 2019,” said Kalpesh Patel, Director, Classic Rubber Flooring.

Fornnax is also a Gujarat-based company and offers a range of waste tyre recycling machinery. Classic Rubber continues to strengthen its relationship with Fornnax. “Fornnax has the required technology and has a wide machinery range, and offers solid after-sales support,”

Classic Rubber further expanded and installed secondary shredder R 1000 in 2020, which requires an input of 150 mm shreds, giving an output of 8-15 mm shreds, with a capacity of 2 tons per hour.

With the boom in the housing sector and infrastructural development, all new upcoming housing complexes and commercial spaces are now being created with a gym, pool and recreational area that requires rubber flooring. “Therefore, the increasing usage in flooring application in modern complexes gives a spur to the rubber flooring producers.”     

The company is now installing a higher-capacity secondary shredder from Fornnax in order to achieve self-reliance. Now Classic Rubber is expanding further and has ordered an R2000, 4-ton secondary shredder. It gives 8-15 mm output. The plant capacity will be further hiked to 6 tons with the installation of this high-capacity secondary shredder.

Commenting on Fornnax machinery, Kalpesh said, “Fornnax offers tyre and rubber recycling equipment at 1/3rd of the price in comparison to European and American machinery and gives the best in performance and final product.” The company claims that Fornnax machines operate for 5,500 working hours annually, whereas, the European machines works for just 3,500 hours yearly.